As far as I can remember, there's never been a day without a camera in hand. Using one of my 5 siblings as models was always fun. I remember the excitement I felt waiting for the film to develope and reveal what I had captured. I marveled at the idea of taking that one moment and freezing it in time-what I call “capturing the moment”. I was in love with the entire process of photography.

My creative desire grew stronger and in time, I pursued a degree in Fine and Applied Arts at Rochester’s Institute of Technology, leading me to a 14 year career designing consumer products. After having my first daughter, I decided to stay home and immerse myself into my new role of motherhood. When my second daughter was born, I found myself documenting their lives capturing all the important moments and with it a new surge of creative excitement took over. I then realized that photography was my passion.

My overall approach is laid back and organic, allowing me to capture the essence of who you are and letting the environment dictate the use of its light in every setting, indoors or out. My goal is to capture images that you can feel in your heart.